In you will be able to make your payments by bank card or PayPal in a totally safe way. Our website uses a CERTIFICATE SLL to ensure the security of data and information provided by users who visit this website


An SSL certificate serves to provide security to the visitor of your website, a way to tell your customers that the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal data. The acronym SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is a security protocol that makes your data travel in an integral and secure way, that is, the transmission of data between a server and web user, and in feedback, is fully encrypted or encrypted. The fact that the data travels encrypted means that mathematical algorithms are used and a system of keys that are only identified between the person browsing and the server. Having a reliable SSL certificate, our data is encrypted, at that time we can ensure that no one can read its contents. All this leads us to understand that the technology that provides an SSL certificate is the secure transmission of information over the Internet, and thus confirm that the data are free of unwanted people. In order to be able to use an SSL certificate on your website, it is vitally important that the Internet server you contracted supports SSL.

We are in the age of information, the user or customer needs to rely on transactions made over the Internet, the SSL certificate ensures that the data is sent to the correct server. An SSL certificate is a technology that provides a great online security solution, helps us ensure customers that the site they are visiting is safe, from a simple visit, make purchases or login.

An SSL Certificate implements the preferred web security model, containing digital keys that protect the integrity of your data at the time of sending and receiving. Servers running SSL create a unique encrypted way for private sessions over the Internet, the server's public key is accessible to anyone. That is why they use a public key and a private key: The public key is to encrypt the information, the private key to decrypt it. 

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